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We offer 18 years of experience in aquatic vegetation removal services on a contract basis. Weedbusters has an assortment of harvesting equipment that enables us to meet a wide variety of needs for aquatic weed control and related services.  Experienced in harvesting of floating tussocks and emergent shoreline vegetation. In addition to harvesting we have the expertise in herbicide contol.






Removal of nuisance aquatic plants

We do specialty dredging services on lakes, canals and ponds as well as scraping the heavy muck and tree formations from the shorelines and lake bottoms. We perform canal and land clearing in conjunction with  the dewatering of lakes, ponds, and the removal of nuisance aquatic plants such as hydrilla and water hyacinth.  With our broad range of equipment sizes and capabilities, Weedbusters Inc., can meet whatever aquatic harvesting needs you may have.

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